• 5 star review  They can perform great. Darn Great Southern Rock Band Rate a 10 all day.

    thumb Tasha Robinette

    5 star review  Couldn't believe that we'd never heard of Preacher Stone before Southern Rock Cruise - see you in June!

    thumb Cheryl Naill

    5 star review  They are awesome. I want to see them live. I love a good concert of lights and Rock and roll. They have it all.From N.C. I do believe in Support your local band.

    thumb Janet Robinette

    5 star review  Best all around rock band out there right now. Go see these awesome guys!!!

    thumb Matthew Blake
  • 4 star review  Nuthin but love Damn what50 characters ok rock like i like it

    thumb Randy Spainhour

    5 star review  Heard them at Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian, FL. They were awesome best band I've heard down here so far.

    thumb David Paul Kemmerer

    5 star review  Great musicians, amazing drummer and real down to earth people that aren't afraid to mingle

    thumb Stephanie Gibson Ingersoll

    5 star review  They rocked the ship! Definitely gonna see guys again!�

    thumb Anthony Faretty
  • 5 star review  Rock our ass off on southern rock cruise 2018 the best kept secret in music right now.

    thumb John Courson

    5 star review  We loved meeting you on the cruise!! We can’t wait to hear you all again!!

    thumb Heather Hird Blair

    5 star review  Great band, down to earth, great music, great times 🎶👍😎

    thumb Steve Parker Bennett Jr

    5 star review  It is very rare these days that you find a band of this caliber. They Sound like Preacher Stone! The guitar riffs are mesmerizing. The rhythm section is so tight it squeaks, the vocals and lyrics stand proud. I recommend buying their CD's or Digital Downloads. But the REMEDY CD is my favorite. I listen to it over and over without getting tired of it. I saw them LIVE once and I was very impressed. Go see them in concert if your able and buy their music! SUPPORT THE STONE.

    thumb Cutler Spur
  • 5 star review  These guys are a great band, not only musically talented but humble down to earth red blooded Americans who put on a great show. They donated their time and effort for a worthy cause, the NC Vet Fest and put on one hell of a show.....

    thumb Diane Slesinski

    5 star review  Baddest band I've ever seen mad props to you guys Legends in the making

    thumb Linda Acree

    5 star review  Old school southern rock!!! This band does it right.

    thumb Keith Rowe

    5 star review  Saw you guys at Stooges & loved you! Can't wait to see you again!!

    thumb Brandi Pisauro
  • 5 star review  They are an awesome talent group and young men. My nephew plays the drum.

    thumb Ardeece Foxx

    5 star review  A must see these guys are great can't wait to see them again

    thumb Nicholas Harris

    5 star review  If you love Southern rock or Lynyrd Skynyrd or loud electric guitars, then you don't want to miss out on a band called Preacher Stone! �

    thumb David Nice

    5 star review  Great sound. Looking forward to catching then live soon in NC.

    thumb Dot's Journey
  • 5 star review  Seen them last night at the Clark House and they were AWESOME ���

    thumb Cindy Sue Harper-Loughry

    5 star review  Love em love em love em!!! The new CD is awesome!!! Not a bad song on it!!! Waiting on you all to get back around Maryville Tennessee in concert!!!!

    thumb Kimberly Clark

    5 star review  The best Southern Rock Band in NC!!! Hands down! Love these men to life!

    thumb Trice D'Vine Wright

    5 star review  Saw them live tonight in kannapolis. Hand on the bible had me in tears. Thank you Deanna Redman for telling me to listen close.

    thumb Lisa Wise
  • 5 star review  Listening to their CD Remedy for the first time. I WILL be going to see these guys in concert!! I met Ben yesterday at a music festival and he was cool as hell, gave me a signed copy of this CD. Digging their sound in a big way!!

    thumb Doug Stevens

    5 star review  Awesome ,great sound,heard it on sons of anarchy wish they would come to Morgantown, loved to see them live

    thumb Chad King

    5 star review  I actually stumbled across this band, my best friend asked if I ever heard of Preacher Stone?...I said no and let me tell you ...I love this band, been telling everybody about it.

    thumb Chuck Rosiu Jr

    5 star review  The best Southern Rock Band in the Nation!! Love there performances!! A must see band!! Very talented group of guys!!

    thumb Denise Munsinger-Karow
  • 5 star review  the best band in years since skynard. best song wrighter.

    thumb Bobby Freeman

    5 star review  Nothing but talent across the board. Unique sound and precision.

    thumb Jarris Mayfield

    5 star review  Love these guys, thanks Marilyn. Talented and personable

    thumb Terry Sack

    5 star review  Proud to call these guys my friends and the show, wow what a show.

    thumb Terry Moore
  • 5 star review  Absolutely one of the best bands I have seen in a long time. Love the music it speaks to you.

    thumb Kara Ginter Hensley

    5 star review  I just seen them for the first time at a place called Earl's in Sebastian Fl. They ROCKED the house. And I was lucky enough ta meet the guys afterwards. It was GREAT Your new friend Tonylee Tonyleeleathers@gmail

    thumb TonyLee Villone

    5 star review  Preacher Stone simply ROCKS ! I love southern rock, and they are my favorite!

    thumb Elizabeth Martin Howard

    5 star review  Saw them last night i Esbjerg, Denmark and was, despite high expectations, blown away! � Keep on rocking!!

    thumb Kim Tobøl Andersen
  • 5 star review  Awesome kick ass band that will give any bands a run for their money!

    thumb Tim Malcolm

    5 star review  the BBQ Pit Boys are following you guys.. you're rippin dudes.. need to get you up here to the Pit.

    thumb Bob Ahlgren

    5 star review  Phenomenal Band from musicians, writers Hard rockers great Band

    thumb Zac Lenaburg

    5 star review  If you haven't had your daily dose of AWESOME Music... give these guys a listen. You will have a new favorite band!!!

    thumb Tim Yokley
Michael Allman joins Preacher Stone on stage for The Allman Brothers song One Way Out!

Video compliments of Dana Woodward Peck

A special request from a fan for the song Dreams by Molly Hatchet

Video compliments of Dana Woodward Peck

During the winter months of 2016/17 Preacher Stone went on a Multi-Country tour of Europe, which included The Rock at Sea Cruise out of Stockholm, Sweden!
Here is a trailer from their upcoming documentary.  Over a year in the making and filled with an inside look of what it’s like for a touring band overseas.
A non-scripted adventure with Preacher Stone! This is the real deal – you’ll laugh and jam along as you take a wild ride through the ups, downs and in-between of life with Preacher Stone on the road!

Houston Music Review – Dave Clements    (The Star Vista Southern Rock Cruise January 2018) I still want to mention Atlanta Rhythm Section, Louisiana’s LeRoux, Black Stone Cherry, Johnny Neel and for sure Preacher Stone. All these artists are worthy of your entertainment dollars. You should especially keep a close eye on those Preacher Stone guys…they are young and the real deal. They are out of Charlotte, NC and if you want to get a glimpse of what I’m talking about go to YouTube and watch them play Kashmir. With that I’ll wrap this up by reminding you there is no time to kill, go watch some live music soon, jump right in! dwc                 For the full article  http://houstonmusicreview.com/wordpress/2018/01/20/southern-rock-cruise-tampa-to-jamaica-review/

Preacher Stone’s show in The Theater onboard Star Vista SRC 2018. 

Preacher Stone joined many legends onboard, their Southern Rock idols, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, 38 Special, The Outlaws, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Wet Willie, Molly Hatchet and more!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Southern Rock Cruise such a wonderful event!!! The Starvista Live staff was so professional, courteous, and helpful! The Royal Caribbean crew were awesome! The other bands and musicians on the boat were fantastic! And the cruisers? Wow! Thank you all for bringing the love and the enthusiasm! Getting to perform for all of you and then get to hang out and talk with you meant the world to us! In short, The Starvista Live Southern Rock Cruise was AWESOME!!! When can we do it again?

Preacher Stone performing at The Kannapolis North Carolina Amphitheater


Preacher Stone – Remedy Official Video. Music is the Remedy to so many things, so we wanted to write a song about it. Physical copies/Mp3’s of REMEDY are on sale now at this link to CD Baby at http://bit.ly/stoner-remedy


Guitarist Marty Hill formed Preacher Stone choosing award winning Nashville Singer Ronnie Riddle as lead vocalist. Together they have become one of the strongest song writing teams taking the Hard Rock/Country genres in a new direction!.  

Marty and Ronnie took their time searching for the musicians who they wanted to form the band line-up.  These top musicians in their fields would join them to form Preacher Stone – Johnny Webb, Jim Bolt, Ben Robinson and Josh Wyatt.  

Some have called it a true resurrection in genuine Southern Rock like the greats of the 1970’s  who paved the way for classic rock played by good ole Boys from the South  – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws and from the 90’s The Black Crowes.  

The band feels their 4th release REMEDY is their best work musically as of yet.  

The Album is a “press play” journey from beginning to end.  These guys are the real deal having been launched by Kurt Sutter and his Top FX Series Sons of Anarchy! Preacher Stone’s music appeals to a wide variety of music fans including internationally.  They head back to Europe in 2018.

Hats off to these boys from North Carolina.

Self Titled Album One

The band’s first CD with their song “Not Today” featured on The Popular Hit Fox Series Sons of Anarchy! “600 HP, 200 proof guaranteed to fill the hole in your soul with rawkus rock and roll!”

Uncle Buck's Vittles

Preacher Stones 2nd Album Release – Uncle Buck’s Vittles. 2011 Modern Classic Rock with a Southern, Country Flair.


The bands 2 appearances on Sons of Anarchy, The Hit Series catapulted this band to head of the pack! Their long awaited 3rd CD is full of great songs from beginning to end and is bound to keep this band at the top!


This band knows the recipe for any down home rock appetite. Their driving musical style offers a Classic Rock, New Country vibe; modern yet familiar and people everywhere are diggin’ it!! Their fans refer to themselves as “The Congregation!”